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Why Cork

Cork: a natural wonder


Natural cork seemed like, well, the natural choice.

Anyone who's held a wine cork in their hand knows that cork is bouncy yet sturdy, making it an ideal base for something that needs to be comfortable and supportive, like an insole. Cork is also highly durable, so we could be sure our dependable arch support would last the lifetime of people’s well-loved and well-worn shoes. But perhaps most importantly, we discovered that cork is both good for the feet and good for the planet.

Equally as impressive

Harvested cork trees absorb and convert carbon dioxide at an even greater rate than non-harvested trees. They offset an estimated 10 million tons of carbon dioxide every year in Portugal alone. Working with cork, rather than synthetic materials, makes it all possible.


Why Cork?

—It molds to the shape of your foot over time, creating a customized insole.
—It's incredibly shock-absorbent.
—It's antimicrobial, so your shoes won't get smelly.
—It's carbon negative, which means using it is actually good for the environment.

Cork is the ideal material for providing optimal arch support. As the base of an insole, it molds to the shape of the foot over time, creating a more comfortable, supported step that's unique to every person.

Cork is also highly shock-absorbent, so it mitigates the impact of walking around on hard floors and protects the feet and arches. This prevents pain in the feet and through the kinetic chain as you walk, run, and go about your daily life. By ensuring that the arches are supported and pressure is evenly distributed throughout the foot, cork insoles help to improve posture and correct misalignment.

Finally, cork is anti-microbial and naturally repels moisture. Translation: your shoes won't get smelly! Sweat doesn't sink in, so the bacteria that cause odor can't multiply and your feet stay nice and dry.

Establish a connection between arch support and protection of the environment.

Why Cork?

Why Cork?

With natural cork as the base of our 3angni insoles, people can be more aligned, comfortable, and confident that they’re supporting a sustainable business. We’re proud that this wonder material helps us contribute to a more supported and healthier world.

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