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Who We Are

Because we aren't satisfied with 'good enough', 3angni insoles are the result of our passion for design and never-ending attention to detail.



We make it easy for everyone to integrate arch support and embrace their alignment. Improved arch support to 3.5cm, feel the comfort of a normal arch.



Our insoles are the result of 10 years of research in the field. our insoles have evolved to become an effective solution that requires no custom measurement.


We’re committed to using processes and materials that are good for the earth.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

In 2011, 3angni was founded with a simple mission: Keep feet feeling their best everyday
When I was a child, in order to raise my brother and me, my mother often sew some cloth insoles by hand and sell them on the market. So I have been dealing with insoles since I was a child. However, after years of fatigue, my mother’s feet have been deformed. She is always suffering from pain. I bought a lot of arch support insoles for my mother, but they didn’t work. My partner and I founded the 3angni company. After relieving my mother’s foot pain, we wanted to solve the problem for more people with foot pain. Our products are sold all over the world, and more and more customers sent us videos and good reviews, I know, we have done a great thing.

Meet the Team Meet the Team Meet the Team

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Address:1302, Unit 1, No. 4, Xinxiang Science and Technology Industrial Park, Xinfei Avenue,Xinxiang, Henan Province, China