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What is 3angni?

3angni ® was created as a solution to help you feel and perform better within your everyday life. Our team imagines, designs, and innovates with you in mind. We’ve established trust with others like you who experience foot, knee, hip, and back issues by focusing on the cause of the problem rather than the symptoms.

This is going to feel different from other things you’ve tried. This isn’t a Band-Aid, but real relief. Whatever your journey, we’re here to help get you back on your feet.

What are the health benefits of 3angni?

3angni ® insoles improve comfort, performance, and mobility through alignment. Discomfort often occurs when structures of the body are subjected to forces they aren’t designed to withstand. When your body is properly aligned, the force of each step is more evenly distributed throughout the kinetic chain, reducing pressure, inflammation, and strain on your body.

Do I need insoles?

Yes.A considerable number of shoes do not provide effective arch support, which can lead to wrong walking posture and pain that should be avoided. Most people can benefit from support.

What are arch supports?

Arch support is the most commonly used term for sports shoes. It is widely used to provide insoles that support the arch of the foot to help people (especially flat feet) carry out effective support and relieve foot pain or stress.

How to determine the height of my arch simply and effectively?

First of all, barefoot, spread a piece of paper on the ground, and then step on your wet foot. Check the footprints and compare them with this link to determine the height of your arch. This is the most simple and effective way.

Why do flat feet need arch support? will it make my foot comfortable?

Arch support plays an important role in your feet, ankles, knees, waist, back and body posture.

Effective arch support can help you maintain foot support while dispersing the pressure on your feet, thereby relieving pain and freeing you from the sofa and walking again.

Depending on the degree of flatfoot, we provide targeted support insoles and heel cups to help you put your feet in the right place.

Who can use 3angni orthotic insole?

People with foot pain due to the following conditions, such as flat foot, plantar fasciitis, foot valgus, heel pain, toe myalgia, etc., also help to relieve knee pain and back pain. Teachers, construction, warehouse management, nurses, cooks, waiters, etc., who need to stand or walk around for a long time, can also benefit from 3angni® orthotic insole.

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We currently accept electronic payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

We currently accept electronic payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.