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Running Insole

Walking is a great way to raise the heart rate and get some exercise. However, an unsupportive walking shoe can make the experience painful, especially for those who suffer from overpronation or other conditions such as plantar fasciitis. Adding walking insoles to your shoes may help.

What types of insoles are for walking?

When people look for insoles for walking, they can mean insoles for sneakers, insoles for a daily walk, or insoles for hiking. In any case, these types of shoes are typically full-volume shoes with removable insoles. Because of this, a full-length insole with a higher degree of arch support and added cushion is usually the best fit.

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For Walking We Recommend:

The A series provides a moderate degree of cushioning support, which helps to relieve the pain of neuropathy. It is very suitable for daily wear of regular shoes, such as sports shoes, work boots and walking shoes. The A series uses 3angni's patented alignment technology to provide the structure and comfort you need.

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

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